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10/04/07 Griffins Practice Notes
Day six...
By Jason Kasiorek

This mornings practice was very up-tempo with a lot of skating and shooting drills. Several of the drills focused on passing the puck quickly and not hanging on to it for too long. One of the drills had the players weaving in and out of cones at different intervals and then taking the puck to the net for a shot. This was followed up by some two on one work, and then neutral zone transition plays. Coach Stothers admonished his players several times "move your feet..." trying to keep the players moving faster. The injured Darren Helm led the stretches this morning and was joined by injured teammate Kyle Quincey at the end.

White Line
#29 Ryno - #14 Corazzini - #17 Cullen

Blue Line
#21 Engelhardt - #9 McGrath - #19 Grigorenko

Red Line
#3 Hartigan - #26 Ritola - #11 Gelech

Green Line
#34 Clark - #16 Oulahen - #27 Keefe

Yellow Line
#25 Tardif - #15 Helm - #10 Walsh

#2 Ference - #8 Kinley

#4 Ericsson - #12 Galvin

#5 Kindl - #7 Stafford

#31 Berkhoel
#33 Howard

This mornings observations:

Walsh: had a tough time handling the puck in motion around the cones - decent shot with a quick release.
Gelech: Good size and strength - Mishandles puck a lot.
McGrath: Showing off some very slick moves - confidence much improved, looks faster.
Ference: Very good passer, extremely impressive during nuetral zone transition drill taking passes from multiple players and with a quick flick of the wrist putting it back on the tape of another.
Ritola: Intensity level ebbs and flows, but he has absolutely sick skills. His stickhanding and hand eye coordination are among the best I've seen. He demonstrates a shifty explosive skating style, and is built solidly enough to go through traffic to get to the net. Today he may have been the most impressive player on ther ice.
Ryno: Good quickness and agility for a player his size.
Ericsson: NHL level poise and skills - He just looks like the play around him is slowed down.
Corazzini: Little forward has some deceptive skills, he beat Howard seveal times in a row from the slot with his wicked wrist shot.
Clark: Wouldn't be right to not mention how much he has improved. There may not be a regular spot for him, but he might just make one.
Gelech: Always in motion, never stops moving even between plays.
Grigorenko: Looked a little bit more energetic this morning.