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10/03/07 Griffins Practice Notes
Day five...
By Jason Kasiorek

The Griffins had nearly a full lineup on the ice for their fifth day of practice in GR. Mark Hartigan and Jon Insana were missing, and the injured Kyle Quincey was skating and working with Jim Paek before practice started. Igor Grigorenko led the stretching this morning with a lot of positive verbal feedback from the other players. Today's drills placed a lot of emphasis on taking the puck to the net and following up behind the play for chances. As usual coach Stothers focused on positioning and clearing the zone - and then transitioning to attack. He is very detail oriented, stopping drills to point out issues and then resuming.

At the end of practice, the vets played around at one end, pelting backup Adam Berkhoel with shots, while Paek worked with the new guys/kids at the other end of the ice.

Blue Line
#29 Ryno - #14 Corazzini - #17 Cullen

Red Line
#11 Gelech - #16 Oulahen - #27 Keefe

White Line
#21 Engelhardt - #26 Ritola - #25 Tardif

Green Line
#34 Clark - #9 McGrath - #10 Walsh

Yellow Line
#15 Helm - #19 Grigorenko

#2 Ference - #8 Kinley

#4 Ericsson - #12 Galvin

#5 Kindl - #7 Stafford

#31 Berkhoel
#33 Howard


A lot of people have asked me to comment a little more on the players, especially the new ones, so here are my notes from this morning:

Cullen: Speedy with Quick Hands always seems to be where the puck is.
Gelech: Good size and strength - Mishandles puck a lot.
Helm: Great speed and energy, laser shot.
Stafford: Cannon of a shot - Takes a long time to get it off, off-target.
Engelhardt: Heads up player, quick hands, good in front of net, keeps teammates loose.
Ryno: Good quickness and agility for a player his size.
Kinley: Making strides - still raw in terms of skill - needs more seasoning.
Galvin: Slow, undersized, looks a step off the pack - what does that say about last season's team?
Clark: Looks better every day, not out of place, hard worker.
Kindl: Quick accurate shot from the point.
Grigorenko: Doesn't seem to do anything with a sense of urgency - hunched over - coasting. Wicked shot with dead-on accuracy. One of the first players off the ice after practice was over.
Keefe: Looked a little labored in his skating early on, but improved as the session went on. Oulahen: Appears to have added some bulk to his frame.
McGrath: Looks much more confident with the puck.