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Grand Rapids Griffins 2006 Training Camp Roster
2006 Training Camp Notes
The Griffins Broke Camp today with 28 players on the camp roster. Derek Meech and the Injured Ryan Oulahen sent down from Detroit (NHL) over the weekend were not on the ice. Also absent was Stephane Goulet assigned by Edmonton (NHL) on Saturday. The preliminary roster included four players each from Toledo (ECHL) and Muskegon (UHL) the Griffins' affiliates.
# Pos Player 2005-06 Club Contract
1 G Stefan Liv Jonkopings HV-71 (SWE) Detroit (NHL)
2 D Brett Angel Muskegon/Elmira (UHL)/GR (AHL) Muskegon (UHL)
4 D Dan Smith Hamilton (AHL)/Edmonton (NHL) Detroit (NHL)
7 RW * Stephane Goulet Moncton (QMJHL) Edmonton (NHL)
8 F Mike Berry Adirondack (UHL)/Binghamton (AHL) Toledo (ECHL)
9 C Kip Miller Chicago (AHL) Grand Rapids (AHL)
10 LW Brock Radunske Greenville (ECHL) Edmonton (NHL)
16 LW Ryan Oulahen GRAND RAPIDS (AHL) Detroit (NHL)
17 C Evan McGrath Kitchener (OHL) Detroit (NHL)
19 C Eric Himelfarb GRAND RAPIDS (AHL) Detroit (NHL)
20 C * Jamie Tardif Peterborough (OHL) Amateur Tryout
21 RW Josh Langfeld Boston/San Jose (NHL) Detroit (NHL)
23 C Matt Ellis GRAND RAPIDS (AHL) Detroit (NHL)
25 RW Ryan Barnes Hamilton (AHL)/Danbury (UHL) Muskegon (UHL)
26 RW Brendan Brooks Peoria (AHL) Detroit (NHL)
27 LW Darryl Bootland GRAND RAPIDS (AHL) Detroit (NHL)
28 D Derek Meech GRAND RAPIDS (AHL) Detroit (NHL)
29 RW Ryan Keller Muskegon (UHL)/GR (AHL) Grand Rapids (AHL)
30 G Logan Koopmans Toledo (ECHL)/GR (AHL) Detroit (NHL)
31 G * Dominic Vicari Michigan State (CCHA) Toledo (ECHL)
32 LW * Mike Walsh Notre Dame (CCHA) Grand Rapids (AHL)
33 C Jeff Campbell Gwinnett (ECHL)/Lowell (AHL) Tryout
35 G Jimmy Howard GRAND RAPIDS (AHL)/Detroit (NHL) Detroit (NHL)
42 F * Brandon Kaleniecki Michigan (CCHA) Gwinnett (ECHL)
44 F Lucas Lawson JyP HT Jyvaskayla (FIN) Tryout
50 F * Elias Godoy U. Mass-Lowell (HE)/Victoria (ECHL)/Hamilton (AHL) Tryout
51 F * Andrew Martin U. Mass-Lowell (HE) Toledo (ECHL)
52 LW * Evan Kotsopoulos Western Ontario (CIAU)/Long Beach (ECHL) Muskegon (UHL)
53 RW * Jason Beeman Tri-City (WHL)/Long Beach (ECHL) Tryout
54 D * Paul Crosty Brown (ECAC) Toledo (ECHL)
55 D Tom Galvin Quad City/Muskegon (UHL) Muskegon (UHL)
56 D * Iain McPhee Windsor (OHL) Tryout
60 D Nello Ferrara Laval (LNAH)/Bakersfield (ECHL) Amateur Tryout
61 D * Andy Zulyniak Vernon (BCHL) Amateur Tryout
62 C * Chris Abbott Cornell (ECAC) Stockton (ECHL)
63 LW * Cam Abbott Cornell (ECAC) Stockton (ECHL)
64 D Tyson Gimblett Saginaw (OHL) Amateur Tryout
* - Amateur Player.