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2006 Grand Rapids Griffins Training Camp
Day 2...
By Jason Kasiorek

Day 2 of Griffins camp brought some new players as Detroit sent down forwards Eric Himelfarb, Evan McGrath, Brendan Brooks, Matt Ellis, Defenseman Dan Smith, and netminder Stefan Liv. Only Liv and Himelfarb were on the ice today, but the rest are expected soon.

Coach Ireland was on the players to pick up the pace and not be hesitant during the drills, constantly spurring them to greater heights.

After the regular drills, the players broke up by position. The centers worked on face-offs, with Himelfarb and Kip Miller quickly moving to the top of the order, but in a battle for supremacy they ended up in a draw. The defensemen worked on moving the puck and shooting from the point, and the rest of the forwards worked on some set plays in the offensive zone. Jim Paek showed off his patience and lived up to his reputation as a teacher working with some of the non-roster defenseman (most notably Nello Ferraro) helping them with their fundamentals.

Scrimmage Day 2

Bruce Ramsey coached the blue team, and taking over for Travis Richards, Jim Paek helmed the white team bench.

Blue Team
42 Kaleniecki - 44 Lawson - 64 Gimblett
9 Miller - 51 Martin - 10 Radunske
62 Cam Abbott - 63 Chris Abbott - 29 Keller

54 Crosty - 52 (F/D)Kotsopoulos
61 Zulyniak

1 Liv

White Team
8 Berry - 33 Campbell - 53 Beeman
50 Godoy - 19 Himelfarb - 20 Tardif
32 Walsh - 25 Barnes

25 (F/D) Barnes - 55 Galvin
56 McPhee - 60 Ferrara

31 Vicari/ 30 Koopmans

The Blue team won a decisive 7-3 victory with Andrew Martin providing an offensive spark while teamed with Kip Miller. Martin notched a pair of goals and an assist and had a couple of end-to-end rushes. Jamie Tardif scored his third goal in two scrimmages for the white team.

The Shootout:
Blue - Cam Abbott: Made a nice move and scored stick side.
White - Tardif: Ripped it right into the glove
Blue - Crosty: Stopped on short blast
White - Beeman: Stick checked at the last second
Blue - Gimblett: Denied high glove side
White - Berry: Deke and score low stick side
Blue - Radunske: Ripped it high and over the net
White - Ferrara: Rang off the crossbar
Blue - Miller: Stutter step move and tucked it 5-hole
White - Godoy: puck poke checked away


Cam Abbott showed off some nice acceleration and heady moves in traffic with the puck. He also turned some heads with a suicide pass right in front of his own net that was almost picked off.

Eric Himelfarb appears to be taking on a leadership role in the absence of the teamÕs veterans. Himelfarb was seen giving instructions and encouragement to other players, and led the team stretch.

Rookie Andrew Martin had an impressive scrimmage, showing good chemistry with veteran Kip Miller.

Stefan Liv looked much more in control of his game than he did in Traverse City, and was working with the coaching staff on squaring himself to the shooter more during practice.

Defenseman Brett Angel was off the ice with the rest of the injured players, most notably Derek Meech and Ryan Oulahen.