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Offense AWOL As Marlies Mow Down Griffins 2-0
GR Drops Snoozer at home...
By Jason Kasiorek
March 16th, 2012

Grand Rapids sleepwalked through a less than stellar effort by the visiting Toronto Marlies and were shutout 2-0. The Marlies got an early goal and rode it until the end when a late empty netter sealed the deal. Ty Conklin made 20 saves in absorbing the loss, his fourth of the season.

Mikes ripped a shot from the circle under a sliding Lashoff that found it's way in under Conklin for a 1-0 lead. Ferraro turned it over in front, but recovered it and went end to end for a nice scoring chance. Conner chased a loose puck down the ice and almost ended up with a breakaway but Scrivens Came put at the last scone and poked it away. Shots on goal: GR 10 - Tor 9.

Conner stole the puck, raced in on Scrivens and went behind the net for a wraparound. Coetzee was in perfect possession for the rebound, but it was swept away. Huge hit along the boards, Exelby smoked Gysbers, touching off a heated scrum. Lashoff and Kadri ended up in the box when it was over. The Marlies tried to extend their lead to two late in the period when Colborne gloved a puck out of the air and behind Conklin, but it was waived off. Shots on goal: GR 9 - Tor 7.

Grand Rapids had a good chance to tie things up midway through the third with a powerplay, but Logan Pyett took an Obstruction penalty on a Marlies shorthanded chance and ended up in the box. Great shift by Aubry and Callahan, winning the batches along the boards and keeping possession of the puck. Time out for the Griffins late and Conklin stayed on the bench for the sixth skater. D'amigo notched an empty netter to ice the game, a 2-0 toronto victory. Shots on goal: GR 12 - Tor 6. For the Game: GR 31 - Tor 22.

Brunnstrom - Andersson - Pare
Conner - Johnson - Coetzee
Tatar - Ferraro - Nyquist
Callahan - Aubry - Raedeke

Exelby - Lashoff/Gleason
Pyett - Ehrhardt
Ehrhardt/Lashoff - Rufenach

Starter: Conklin
Backup: McCollum


Tatar - Johnson - Ferraro/Conner
Lashoff - Pare

Conner - Andersson - Brunnstrom
Nyquist - Pyett

Andersson - Pare
Lashoff - Exelby

Brunnstrom/Nyquist - Conner
Pyett - Ehrhardt


Neither team put forth much effort tonight, but the Marlies brought enough to beat the hapless Griffins. The ice looked a little soupy due to the unseasonal hot snap.

Not much good to say other than the play of some of the usuals, Conner, Aubry and Callahan. Aubry and Callahan didn't see much ice tonight, as coach Fraser kept a short bench. Fournier and Rufenach didn't play much either, especially Rufenach after taking an early penalty.

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